Lewisboro Democrats announce local candidates

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The Lewisboro Democratic Committee has endorsed Peter Parsons for a fourth term as Town Supervisor, along with two running mates, Jane Crimmins and Tony Gonçalves, for seats on the Town Board.

The Committee has also endorsed former Lewisboro resident Kitley Covill for Westchester County Legislator from the 2nd District.

Committee Co-Chair Alan Cole said Democrats were energized and feeling optimistic about their prospects this fall.

Democratic candidates

“Democrats are now motivated like never before to work to bring sanity back to our government,” said Cole. “The only way to stop Trump and his outrageous policies is to make sure Democrats win elections at every level. And the only way to do that is to get out and support those candidates, and vote.”

Cole's Co-Chair Christina Rae agreed. “There's been a groundswell of activity, with people wanting to know what they can do to push back against the Trump agenda,” she said. “The most effective way to do that is to win elections, from the local level on up.”

Supervisor Parsons said he was thrilled about the prospect of bringing two fresh faces onto the Town Board. “Everyone knows I'm not a fresh face,” he said, “but I have the experience and know-how to get things done. What this town needs is an infusion of new energy and ideas. Jane and Tony have that in abundance, and together we will strike a balance that can not only continue to govern effectively, but come up with innovative ways to keep Lewisboro relevant while preserving all its amazing attributes.”

“I'm passionate about this town,” said Jane Crimmins. “My husband and I chose to come to South Salem to put down roots and raise our children. As a woman and mother, I was horrified by what was happening after last November's election. I joined the Women's March and organized a local group, but then realized I could be most effective by using my organizational and leadership skills right here. I know that working together, we can help this town thrive and continue to be a great place to live.”

Tony Gonçalves said he, too, had finally been motivated to get involved in politics. “I've been a volunteer in town for many years,” said the Golden's Bridge resident. “I've always been kind of quiet about it, devoting a lot of time to the Lions Club, serving on the town's Housing Committee, working with the Golden's Bridge Hamlet Organization. Now I think it's time to step up and put myself forward as someone who can represent all the people of Lewisboro. Peter, Jane and I have the same commitment to this town, and I know we can work well together.”

The Democratic campaign is being organized by a separate election committee, Lewisboro 2017, with further information available at the website Lewisboro2017.com.

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