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Lewisboro is a town in the north-eastern corner of Westchester County, New York State, in the United States. The Lewisboro Democratic Committee is the local arm of the Democratic Party.

Under New York State law, the Committee is made up of two members ("District Leaders") for each of Lewisboro's twelve election districts.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Lewisboro Democratic Committee is to promote democratic principles and values and to encourage active participation in the election process. As an official part of the Westchester County Democratic Committee, we recruit, support and elect candidates who subscribe to these beliefs.

We uphold and promote progressive government dedicated to the safety, health, and well-being of all citizens equally, without regard to ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or disabilities. We are confident that good government can improve people’s lives and help provide economic security. We believe that we have an obligation to protect the earth through common-sense regulations that give us cleaner and safer air and water. We believe that we should be compassionate and respectful neighbors in our communities, our country and our world.

The Lewisboro Democratic Committee is proactive in educating the public on issues that pertain to these beliefs. We study and endorse legislation that supports these principles and are diligent in making our voices heard.

North-Eastern corner of Westchester County

Northeastern Westchester County


DAN JAM! Live music! Refreshments! Free!

Stop by the Cyrus Russell Community House anytime between 6:30 and 9:30 PM on Thursday, October 29 for live music and refreshments at a rally for Dan Welsh's re-election bid for the Lewisboro Town Board. It's free! Click here to check the details.

Implications of the September 10 Republican Primary

As a result of the write-in primary forced on the local Republican party, the Republican lineup for Lewisboro Town Board is now John Pappalardo and Charlie Duffy. The Democratic line is John Pappalardo and Dan Welsh. SInce Pappalardo has both lines, his election seems assured, but for the remaining seat, it is Duffy versus Welsh. Other local candidates are cross-endorsed, and will appear on both Democratic and Republican lines on the November 3rd ballot (Peter Parsons, Supervisor; Peter Ripperger, Highway Superintendent; Janet Donohue, Town Clark; and Susan Simon, Town Justice).

Because of this, our energy this year will be focused on keeping Dan Welsh on the Town Board. More information on his accomplishments over his two very productive terms on the Town Board can be found at KeepDan.com.

Rally for Karen Schleimer

On October 4, we held an event for Karen Schleimer, our County Legislative candidate, co-sponsored by the Democratic Committees of the Towns within the 2nd Legislative District: Pound Ridge, Bedford, Lewisboro, North Salem, and Somers (of which only a part is in the district), and by former Legislator Peter Harckham.

Group with Karen Schleimer

L to R: David Buchwald, our Assembly Member; Karen Schleimer, candidate; Dan Welsh (in rear), candidate for re-election to Lewisboro Town Board; Alan Cole & Christina Rae, Co-Chairs, Lewisboro Democratic Committee

On the ballot this year

The year 2015 focuses primarily on local races. In Lewisboro, the following positions will be on the November ballot: Supervisor, two Town Board seats, Town Clerk, Highway Superintendent, and Town Justice. In addition, there will be races for Westchester County Legislator, Surrogate Court, County Court (two positions), and the NY Supreme Court.

Cross-endorsement pact announced

The Lewisboro Republican Town Committee and the Lewisboro Democratic Committee have come to an historic agreement this year to cross-endorse the incumbent candidates in Lewisboro, all of whom are running for re-election. The rationale is explained in this joint press release.

Primary Election

There will be primaries this year on both the Republican and the Democratic lines. On the Democratic line, there is a primary for Surrogate Court. On the Republican line, there is a primary in which the cross-endorsed candidates for Town Board (Dan Welsh and John Pappalardo) will be on the ballot, but which will allow Republican voters to write in other names if they so desire.

The date of the primary is September 10. Note that this is a Thursday, not the usual Tuesday when elections are normally held.


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Lewisboro sunset

Lewisboro sunset
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